Astorino will strive to make NY great

To the Editor:

I have been supportive of Rob Astorino and had the pleasure to speak with him, strengthening my support in his campaign for governor of our great state.

Police Reform and Reinvention must be accompanied by “Community Services Reform and Reinvention.” The community is critiquing those who protect them. Services in the community are lacking and must have a review of where they are.

Bail Reform places our community at risk. Misdemeanors and certain Class E felonies are issued appearance tickets and roughly 75 percent of arrests in one month are released at central arraignment, our community and the offender suffers.

“Less is More.” Parole violators may now be released from supervision early, because they ”behaved.” On Feb. 28, the courts system was advised that they must now provide access for parole hearings to be conducted in their courtrooms. Parole Hearings were conducted in the safety of a secure environment, such as a jail.

The “HALT Act” went into effect on March 31, reducing safety in corrections and becoming a financial liability to the tax payers. All offenses while incarcerated, permit no more than 15 days being locked into a cell and the word “inmate” is not acceptable.

Rob Astorino is versed in each of these areas. He will strive to make our communities as safe as possible and not compromise us in the processes, to truly make New York the Empire State again.



Ret. Correction Officer/Jail Administrator


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