Earlier this year, I was solicited to take part in a Pew Research Center “2022 Survey of Journalists.” It didn’t take long — about 15 minutes — and I was happy to do so. But little did I realize it was as “monumental” as it apparently was.

I love asking people this question: So, you’ve got folks coming into the area to visit, where will you take them or what will you do to show off the Finger Lakes region?

Other than the facts that our given first name is Michael and we both grew up being called by the nickname Mick, I never really thought I had much in common with Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger (oh wait, my friend Diane Kitchen up in Lyons loves both of us too, so there’s that!)

I had a very nice phone conversation with a reader the other day, and I was so glad she called because she was asking about something that I wanted to address in a “Pub Chat” one of these days but hadn’t gotten around to. Until now.

If you’re not a particularly religious person, please bear with me on this Easter-related “Pub Chat.” I think you’ll find it worthwhile, or at least I hope so, which, after all, is what Easter is all about. Hope.

A couple of weeks ago, Michael J. Fitzgerald wrote in his weekly Finger Lakes Times “Write On” column about what he called “news deserts.” His focus was the Schuyler County town of Hector, which is struggling to draft new zoning laws, yet has no major news source — newspaper or otherwise — t…

Two fairly significant events are coming up in the next few days — and no, I’m not talking about National Crab Rangoon Day or National Cream-Filled Chocolates Day (although those observances actually are today and tomorrow, if you’re keeping score at home).

In these snowy, frigid, dark days of mid-winter, I wanted a “Pub Chat” that would remind us all of warmer times, so this is a tale from last summer. It also, by chance, continues a theme of other recent chats: Connections between us, those moments that make us say, “Wow, it really is a small…

As is natural for many in late December, I often find my thoughts drifting ahead to the new year in front of us. I’m not really one for making resolutions — I’ll break them after a couple of weeks anyway, so what’s the point? — but I do wonder what’s in store as we flip the calendar from 202…

There certainly is no shortage of subjects to write about these days — the upcoming holidays; Covid, mask mandates, and the omicron variant; Left vs. Right; development of the former Legion property in Geneva — but last week’s “Pub Chat” drew an unusually large number of comments.

A recent Letter to the Editor has created quite a stir, and has drawn at least a half-dozen letters in reply. That’s enough buzz that I thought it would be a good time to devote a “Pub Chat” to the subject of what we often refer to as LTEs.

Regular readers know Dee Calvasina is a Saturday columnist for us, writing eloquently every month about Deer Haven Park and Seneca County’s globally famous white deer herd in her “Beyond the Fence” pieces.

If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium” was a 1969 movie that wasn’t particularly acclaimed. And yes, I realize 1969 is ancient history. In fact, I’m not even sure you can get it on Netflix, which is sort of like the modern-day version of the age-old quandary, If a tree falls in the woods and…


If you’ve lived for a length of time in Geneva, chances are you knew — or at least knew of — Cosmo Fospero. He was better known, of course, as Cosie, pronounced Cozzie.