Let’s address the obvious right away: It’s summer. Summer usually means boating, grilling, partying and, if you live near one of the Finger Lakes, outdoor swimming.

So why is it that this June 22 edition of the Finger Lakes Times is featuring the Finger Lakes boys All-League swimming selections from the 2021-22 winter sports season?

Well, it’s because we are a local paper, and any glance at the previous two weeks of this newspaper’s sports section points to the unmistakable fact that local sports matter a great deal to us.

So, during the no-man’s land of days in between the winter and spring sports seasons, we try our best — that’s Nick Felice and me — to 1) acquire all-league selections for every sport, 2) gather photos of the sports’ top players, and 3) publish the lists that make student-athletes and their families proud.

At the end of each sports season, we send emails out to the chairpeople/coordinators of every league for every sport inquiring when the all-league teams will be selected and when we can get our hands on them. The unfortunate reality is that for every season, there seems to be at least one league’s all-star selections that fail to reach us, and by the time the next sports season gets underway the list falls into the abyss.

Sometimes, however, lists from seasons past resurrect themselves, and even though months have passed since the season ended, we still want to run them.

That’s exactly the case with the 2021-22 boys swimming season. The list was lost to us until recently, and now that the spring season has passed, it’s a good time to not only publish the all-league selections, but also to acknowledge that when it comes to the importance of publishing news from local sports, it’s better late than never.

So, when you look at today’s June 22, 2022, edition of the Finger Lakes Times, turn to sports, and see indoor boys swimming from the winter season and not outdoor lake swimming, just know that no matter the amount of time that has passed, we will always try our absolute best to put it in the paper.

Pete Lambos is the sports editor at the Times. Contact him at [email protected] or (315) 789-3333, ext. 241.

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